Shipping & Returns

delivery policy 2012 v1

Purpose of the Delivery Policy

We want to achieve the successful delivery of Your Goods every time.

The Delivery Policy will ensure that all parties (Us, the Carrier and You) understand what is required at each stage of the process so that You can avoid additional charges and inconvenience.

The Delivery Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions (“T&C”). All Definitions and Interpretations in the T&C apply to the Delivery Policy.

Wherever possible, and in conjunction with the Carrier’s schedule, We will try to be flexible and respond to Your particular requirements, however, the procedure set out in the Delivery Policy takes precedence.

1. Delivery Date

1.1. We will advise You of an estimated delivery date after We have confirmed Your Order.  This date is an estimate and will be confirmed by the Carrier.

1.2. We normally estimate that You will receive Your Goods within 35 working days of Our receipt of Your Order. You must ensure that any balance of payment due for Your Order has been credited to Our bank account before the delivery date. We regret that We will postpone delivery of Your Goods until the payment has been credited to Our account.

1.3. We will re-assign the delivery of Your Goods in conjunction with the Carrier, who, subject to other commitments, will try to re-assign the delivery as soon as possible after We have received the payment.

1.4. Please see Clause 14 of the T&C for details of how the Carrier will contact You to arrange the delivery of Your Goods.

2. Delivery Days

The Carrier does not deliver on the following days:

2.1. Saturday;

2.2. Sunday; or

2.3. All United Kingdom Bank Holidays
3. Included Post Codes

3.1. All quoted prices for Goods include the cost of delivery to the following UK post code areas:

3.1.1. A - AL

3.1.2. B – B, BA, BB, BD, BH, BL, BN, BR, BS

3.1.3. C – CB, CH, CM, CO, CR, CT, CV, CW

3.1.4. D – DA, DE, DH, DN, DT, DY

3.1.5. E - E, EN

3.1.6. F - FY

3.1.7. G – GL, GU

3.1.8. H - HA, HD, HG, HP, HR, HU, HX

3.1.9. I - IG, IP

3.1.10. K – KT,

3.1.11. L – L, LE, LN, LS, LU

3.1.12. M – M, ME, MK

3.1.13. N – N, NG, NN, NR, NW

3.1.14. O – OL, OX

3.1.15. P – PE, PO, PR

3.1.16. R – RG, RH, RM

3.1.17. S - S, SE, SK, SL, SG, SM, SN, SO, SP, SR, SS, ST, SW

3.1.18. T - TF, TN, TW

3.1.19. U – UB

3.1.20. W – W, WA, WD, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV

3.1.21. Y – YO
4. Delivery to Other Post Codes

4.1. The Carrier can deliver to post codes that are not included in the above list.

4.2. These deliveries are charged in addition to the Order price.

4.3. Please call Us on 01403 888 222 for further information.
5. Delivery to Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man

All of these deliveries are subject to an additional charge which will be estimated by the Carrier.  Please call Us on 01403 888 222.

6. Deliveries to Central London

Please call Us on 01403 888 222 for further information if You require a delivery to Central London.

7. Notification of Delivery

Please see Clause 14 of the T&C.
8. Delayed Deliveries

8.1. We cannot guarantee the exact time of day when the Carrier will deliver the Goods.

8.2. The Carrier will advise You of any delay to Your delivery. The Carrier will contact You by telephone as soon as possible. You must ensure that the contact details that You have provided to Us are complete and correct. You must let Us know prior to the delivery if any details have changed. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inconvenience caused to You because of any inability to contact You.

9. Road and Property Restrictions

9.1. When You place Your Order You must advise Us of any access issues that could prevent the delivery of Your Goods.  Failure to advise Us of these issues will mean that We cannot advise the Carrier of the situation in advance and the Carrier will levy additional charges to make the delivery. In some cases, it will not be possible to make the delivery and You will be charged for return and storage of the Goods.

9.2. If You notify Us of any access issues We may pass Your contact details to the Carrier and request that the Carrier to discuss the issues with You directly prior to the delivery.

10. Packaging

10.1. The Goods are wrapped in a plastic, waterproof, non-breathable membrane which is designed to be weather-tight.

10.2. We cannot guarantee that they will remain in perfect condition if they are stored on Our Premises for an extended period of time because any moisture that is within the wrapping cannot escape and would cause “sweating”.

10.3. “Sweating” may degrade the product.

10.4. If You do not intend to construct the Goods as soon as You receive them You must loosen but not remove all of the plastic wrapping to aerate the timber.  We emphasise that the plastic wrapping must be placed in such a way that it remains as a weather-proofing layer.

10.5. We will not accept any claim for damage if the weather-proofing layer has been completely removed and the Goods have been exposed to the elements. The Goods are Your property and You must take reasonable care of them.

 11. Day of the Delivery

11.1. Each delivery is allotted 1 hour. The Carrier will make an additional charge if the delivery exceeds 1 hour.
All deliveries are made to the kerbside and are made by one delivery driver.

11.2. Subject to prior agreement with the Carrier, which is arranged by calling Us on 01403 888 222, the Carrier can enter Your property. The Carrier can refuse to enter Your property even after such a request if, after assessing the conditions, the Carrier decides that the conditions are unsuitable.

11.3. The Carrier is not liable for any damage incurred and You permit the Carrier to enter Your property at Your own risk.

11.4. The Carrier will not transport the Goods to the site where the Goods will be erected so at least 2 able-bodied people must be present at the delivery to assist with offloading the Goods. The Carrier will refuse to deliver the Goods if 2 able-bodied people are not present and will return the Goods. You will be charged for return and storage of the Goods.

12. Accepting or Returning the Goods

Please see Clause 15 of the T&C

13. Age Requirement

For legal reasons, a person who is at least 18 years old must sign for receipt of the Goods. The Carrier cannot accept a signature from a person under the age of 18.

14. Delivery to Public Premises

If the Goods are delivered to public premises (i.e. anywhere that is not a domestic property), then the Carrier will consider that the person who signs for receipt of the Goods has been authorised to do so on Your behalf. This signature will be considered to be proof of delivery.

15. Orders with Our finance package(s).

We require that the applicant for the finance arrangement signs for receipt of the Goods. We will advise the Carrier and the Carrier will refuse any other signature.

The Carrier will refuse delivery of the Goods. You will be charged for return and storage of the Goods.